Wandrd Features 7 Photography Essentials You Should Pack When Traveling

The rad folks over at Wandrd have come up with a guide for 7 essential photography items you should pack when you hit the road or the air. We all know how important it is to plan carefully before a trip as so many scenarios could arise and as a photographer, you better be read for them!

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Red Bull Goes Skateboarding in Moab

Utah is RAD.

Check out Ryan Sheckler, Zion Wright, Alex Midler, Ryan Decenzo & Barney Page shred some of the oldest skateable terrain on Earth documented by Russell Houghten in this incredible Petrified Park edit.

Rivian R1S Park Ranger Concept

Leave it to Mo Aoun to come up with something this bad ass. We've loved the Rivian R1S from the get go but now seeing a lifted version with the grill guard and roof rack and it's making us dream of all the possibilities here. Unreal Mo!

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Everywhere® Adds A-Frame Cabins as an Addition to Tiny Home Lineup, with the Launch of the all new AYFRAYM

Everywhere® is no stranger when it comes to innovation in the affordable housing space and millennial market. The young company was launched publicly in 2017 after purchasing an old 30’ travel trailer, remodeling it into a beautifully designed nomadic home and towing it 20,000 miles across the Western United States within a 6-month period. This journey across the West led to unexpected opportunities that put Everywhere® on a path to building tiny homes on wheels and now A-Frame Cabins.

After searching high and low for ways to purchase or build an A-Frame cabin of his own, founder Brand Winnie saw a huge opportunity in the market due to a lack of readily available, well-designed plans and also almost zero construction companies or builders wanting to build these A-Frame Cabins from scratch.



Once the opportunity was researched and flushed out, the Everywhere® team put together a basic design plan within a few days and started marketing on Instagram to gage interest levels on the new project.

“Without a doubt, right off the bat, we saw a huge influx of interest brewing beyond what we’ve done with our tiny homes. I think we’ve had some challenges with the financing end of the tiny home transaction and finding the right financial partners to help us properly fund the tiny homes. With the AYFRAYM, it’s much easier for someone to go out and get a traditional loan because it doesn’t come with wheels and it’s on a foundation. It’s much less of a liability to a financial institution. The tiny home market just needs a few good financing options for customers and it will explode! For now, we’re putting the focus into what has the most opportunity in the current state of the market,” said founder, Brand Winnie.

The AYFRAYM will come in at about 1,600 square feet and will feature some incredible modern upgrades to the vintage-styled cabin that grew in popularity in the 1960s. For starters, the front of the cabin features a massive cedar deck with stairs on each side, leading up to huge double sliding glass doors and beautiful Douglas Fir wood beams that frame large glass windows in between, allowing you to take in the nature around you.

Full construction plans are going on pre-sale this week at and will be available for shipping on June 1st, just in time to get started on a summer build. Everywhere® is reducing the price of the plans by 50% for all pre-orders for the next couple of weeks. In addition to the plans, Everywhere® is offering a ‘Finishing Package’ that can either be tacked on to your loan or can be purchased separately. The Finishing Package will give customers access to all of the products and materials the Everywhere® team recommends to create an exact replica of what you see on the website.

In addition to purchasing the plans and building the AYFRAYM, Everywhere® wants to provide a service that allows others to book your cabin when you’re not using it. There are also other plans to help offset the mortgage payments by placing Tiny Home Pads on your property that are fully connected to power, water and sewer systems. A commission structure is also being discussed for when guests stay in your AYFRAYM, fall in love, and want to buy one themselves. All these things could bring your monthly payments down to below $500 or even more!

If you’d like to be one of the first to get in on the AYFRAYM, you can pre-order your plans at right now, with a 50% discount!


About Everywhere®

Everywhere® is the leading transportable housing brand focused on tiny homes and small cabins. Everywhere® is known for their commitment to travel, adventure and getting out into nature. This outdoor mindset and spirit is reflected into the product through a minimal and modern-vintage design philosophy. For more information, visit or follow @everywhere_co on Instagram.


The AYFRAYM is a beautiful 1,574 square foot A-Frame Cabin, inspired by the popular vacation homes of the 1960s. The AYFRAYM features three large walkout cedar decks, large custom windows, vaulted ceilings with rustic-modern wood beams. It includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of those bedrooms is a unique bunk room that includes 4 bunk spaces for comfortable sleeping. An upper loft with lookout windows at the very top of the cabin is a fun way to escape and get cozy with your favorite book. For more information visit or follow the AYFRAYM Instagram account @AYFRAYM.

Seager Introduces the Stand Off Trunks for Spring

Just in time for spring/summer. The creative kids over at Seager have introduced a nice little pair of trunks to keep you covered throughout your adventurous activities.

Traeger Grills D2 Direct Drive - More Power And Better Flavor

As if Traeger couldn’t get any better, they go ahead and release the D2 Direct Drive technology. This new drivetrain combines an industry first brushless motor, that powers a variable speed fan and single-piece auger. Built-to-last, the motor and auger work in tandem to provide unmatched torque, power and precision. The variable speed fan stokes the grill’s fire, infusing wood-fired flavor into your food.

The perfect little addition to your AYFRAYM cabin. 😉

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